SHOP SYSTEM - complete system of shop illumination (06-08-2012)

Shop System VandShop system S. Lena Lighting offers the investors and designers a complete system of projectors for power railmounting. The system provides strong accent lighting. Extensive regulation possibilities and a wide range of reflectors and bafflesallowproper illuminatingof any spot in the store. Usage of universal adapterspermits to install the projectors on the power rails from many manufacturers.


Because store illumination system is operating for several hours a day it is very important to ensure proper lighting and power railswhich are adjusted to such conditions.


Lena Lighting has also launched a professional power rail system called Shop System Track. Universal adapterspermit tomount the projectors and to adjust any light fitting to be powered in this way. The three current circuitspermit to link up three separate groups of light fittings. A wide set of connectors permits to quickly buildthe store interior.

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