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Developing LED technology enables manufacturers to offer a lighting of an increasingly better quality and the investor gets huge energy savings, all while maintaining standards and improving both comfort and lighting. This makes the managers of educational institutions increasingly inclined to upgrade. Although it may seem that it generates additional high costs, it turns out that the end result enables enormous savings - in fact, after a short time of use.

An example where decision for modernization was taken after the economic evaluation was "Dębinka" from Poznań (Social Primary School No. 3 and Social Gymnasium). At this school, Lena Lighting replaced fluorescent luminairies with LED ones while saving more than 50% energy, thus reducing operating costs by more than half. It turns out that after taking into account all purchase and installation costs, the estimated investment will be paid back in the second year of use.

The school has installed modern and energy-saving luminaires of Lena Lighting:
NECTRA LED IP44 and COMPACT LED in teaching rooms, corridors and sanitary rooms.

We learn in conversation with the Administrative Director Adam Grabus:

“The purpose of lighting replacement in Dębinka from fluorescent to LED luminaires was to improve light quality while achieving energy savings and reducing operating costs. Because of the different functionality of the rooms and their different finishing – we modernized i.a. didactic rooms, corridors, gyms – the selected lighting had to be differentiated both in terms of technical parameters and the way of assembly. We were concerned about the complexity of the service – preparing a project meeting the standards and our expectations as well as delivery of all required lighting.

Such support was obtained from Lena Lighting SA from Środa Wielkopolska, which I rate as trustworthy. Engineers representing the company assessed the state of our lighting prior to upgrading, then prepared a professional luminaire layout and delivered it on time. The effect is excellent. Thanks to the new illumination, the surface is uniformly illuminated by gentle light, without glare. We no longer have problems with dust, flickering and fluorescent lamps changing their colour and requiring continuous replacement. And most importantly – we have significantly reduced operating costs. Electricity bills have halved! We are 100% satisfied, and we consider an uneasy decision to upgrade to be a bullseye!”

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In clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, lighting and its quality are important in addition to the excellent quality of medical equipment. Lighting products in such establishments are selected with great care to ensure excellent light quality in compliance with all standards. Rooms designated today have to comply with such demands, which cannot be easily met.

Such high expectations for the design and implementation of lighting were put before Lena Lighting S.A. by the investor of the HALLUXMED ORTOPEDIA KLINIKA JACKOWIAK clinic in Komorniki near Poznań. In this newly created clinic a series of high-performance Lena Lighting LED products were installed : specialized LABO LED with DIMM DALI control , which make it easy to work with complicated endoscopic operations and treatments, elegant PLANO LEDs in representative places, and powerful COMPACT LED, MODULUS LED, DL 220 LED, CAMEA LED in patient rooms. The investor decided to choose the LED technology for the quality of the emitted light and has turned to Lena Lighting because of the complexity of the lighting offer, as well as the return on investment guaranteed by energy efficiency and aesthetics.

“The final decision on both the technology and the lamp models was taken by the investor. Only Polish companies participated in the selection process. When choosing a lighting supplier, the investor paid attention to the PLANO LED luminaires from the very beginning”, confirmed in the interview Ryszard Danielewski, the owner of the AKUDOR company, who was the contractor of the investment. “After the selection of the luminaires, they were ordered and delivered – some of them even before the declared delivery date. From the beginning, Lena Lighting's sales representative has been taking care of the investment and has supported us and the investor in all our processes.”

In conclusion - the entire installation process was fast and efficient, the luminaires meet all expectations, especially in the context of aesthetics and all the requirements described in the standards - and the final effect is excellent!" The owner of the clinic, Dr. Zbigniew Jackowiak, also evaluated positively the lighting of the investment saying: “The lighting is sensational. It is the heart of the whole investment! It creates a wonderful atmosphere, which could not be provided by fluorescent luminaires”.
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Happy Easter time with many joyful moments with your family to all our partners.

Lena Lighting Team

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