LED GO! lighting for education

Energy savings of at least 50%!

“Dębinka” Schooling Complex in Poznań

An example of a successful and satisfying lighting modernization!

We no longer have any problems with the dusted, blinking and miscolored fluorescent lamps that require constant replacement. And most importantly, we have significantly reduced operating costs. Electricity bills have been cut by half!

Adam Grabus Administrative Director of the Social Primary School
CASE STUDY “Dębinka” Schooling Complex in Poznań – 50% SAVINGS!

What does the investor get?

The progressing technology allows manufacturers to offer higher quality lighting, and the Investor to obtain significant energy savings, all while maintaining standards. This means that managers of educational institutions are increasingly inclined towards modernization.

Lower energy bills by at least 50%

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Return on investment below two years

Benefits for pupils and teachers

The investor is not the only one to benefit from modernization or installation of top-quality lighting. Users get:

Better concentration of students

A sense of additional comfort for teachers

Increased learning and work performance

No glare effect

Classrooms and rooms – recommended products

Corridors, toilets, utility rooms – recommended products

Gyms – recommended products

External lighting – recommended products

Chosen realizations

Schools that trusted us:

Academy of Physical Education in Katowice
Junior high school no 2 in Kętrzyn
Junior high school no 20 in Wrocław
Junior high school in Sierakowice
Junior high school in Ślesin
I High school in Częstochowa
University in Poznań
University in Wrocław
Preschool Miejskie no 4 in Gorzów Wlkp.
Preschool Modułowe in Gdańsk
Preschool no 1 in Brzeszcze
Preschool no 1 in Górki Małe
Preschool no 14 in Ostrów Wlkp.
Preschool no 18 in Bydgoszcz
Preschool no 2 in Busko-Zdrój
Preschool no 2 in Nekla
Preschool no 2 in Skarzewy
Preschool no 20 in Bydgoszcz
Preschool no 23 in Wrocław
Preschool no 300 in Warszawa
Preschool no 4 in Radom
Preschool no 4 in Starogard Gdański
Preschool no 40 in Białystok
Preschool no 42 in Białystok
Preschool no 43 in Bydgoszcz
Primary school no 6 in Śrem
Preschool in Gruszczyn
Preschool in Kębłowo
Sea School in Gdynia
Music school in Olecko
Primary school in Dzietrzychowice

Music school in Olecko
Primary school in Borki Wlkp.
Primary school and Junior high school Dębinka in Poznań
Primary school and Junior high school no 2 in Lubaczowo
Primary school and Preschool no 6 w Rzeszowie
Primary school no 1 in Brodnica
Primary school no 1 in Krotoszn
Primary school no 1 in Lubliniec
Primary school no 13 in Szczecin
Primary school no 18 in Płock
Primary school no 2 in Kostrzyn nad Odrą
Primary school no 2 in Starogard Gdański
Primary school no 2 in Stobin
Primary school no 271 in Warszawa
Primary school no 279 in Warszawa
Primary school no 3 in Kłodzko
Primary school no 3 in Rabka Zdrój
Primary school no 31 in Częstochowa
Primary school in Radoszki
Primary school in Rdzawice
Primary school in Robakowo
Primary school in Smolnica
Primary school no 66 in Bydgoszcz
Primary school no 69 in Gdańsk
Primary school in Barlinek
Primary school in Czempinek
Primary school in Dąbrówno
Primary school in Drogosze
Primary school in Dziekanów

Primary school in Glinianka
Primary school in Gołuchowo
Primary school in Gromoty
Primary school in Jaroszewice
Primary school in Jerzykowo
Primary school in Kołobrzeg
Primary school in Leźno
Primary school in Maków Podhalański
Primary school in Mieroszowo
Primary school in Nadarzyn
Primary school in Olesno
Primary school in Piekart
Primary school in Poniki
Primary school in Poraj
Primary school in Poręba Wielka
Primary school in Przysiek
Primary school in Przytkowice
Primary school in Ptaszkowo
Primary school in Pustelnik
Primary school no 4 in Poznań
Primary school no 4 in Solec Kujawski
Primary school no 40 in Ruda Śląska
Primary school no 5 in Łuków
Primary school in Strykowo
Primary school in Szabada
University in Szczecin
University of Economics in Katowice
University in Gdańsk
Medical University of Lodz
Warsaw School of Advertisment
Military University of Technology in Warsaw

Standards and regulations – check:

  • 300 lux – teaching rooms: classes, common rooms;
  • 300 lux – sports facilities: sports rooms;
  • 500 lux – rooms with higher visual requirements, e.g. laboratories, tables;
  • 750 lux – art studios.

The color rendering index (CRI) of the luminaires must be not less than 80 in rooms where people work or stay for longer periods.

Luminaires with a color temperature of 4000K (Kelvin degrees) favor work requiring concentration.

Lighting uniformity should not be less than 0.6 in the area of work and 0.4 in direct surroundings.

The lifespan of LED GO! panels is up to 75,000 hours (L70B50) ta= 25oC, which means you will bear no maintenance costs for the next 30 years*.

*calculations according to: PN-EN 15193: 2010 Energy performance of buildings – energy requirements for lighting.


More information

  • See the details and technical parameters of the luminaires

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