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nowe ptasie
Aesthetics, energy efficiency and safety in the Katowice housing estate.
The first stage of works on the “Nowe Ptasie” housing estate in Katowice has been completed. Our modern LED luminaires have been installed in passageways and garages. These spaces are often underestimated by designers and sometimes their lighting levels deviate from the standards.

In the “Nowe Ptasie” estate, we took care not only of the highest quality of energy-saving lighting, but also of the aesthetics and safety standards of its residents. By installing PLANO LED luminaires in the passageways and TYTAN LED luminaires, tested in the toughest conditions, we have combined the pleasant and the useful. 
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Only deviced with proven effectiveness should be used to fight dangerous viruses, bacteria and mould.

luminaires, the operation of which has been tested in the independent Laboratory of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Łódź, can guarantee this. The result clearly indicated that after 15 minutes of irradiation with the UV-C STERILON 72W lamp operating from a distance of 1 m, 98% reduction of Aspergullus brasiliensis mould and 100% reduction of other tested microorganisms were found.

UV-C STERILON FLOW 72W luminaires were also tested in the same Laboratory. Here, similarly, the result clearly showed high effectiveness of UV-C light in neutralising harmful microorganisms.

Thanks to this research, we are sure that the products offered by Lena Lighting effectively contribute to the fight against the spread of dangerous diseases caused by pathogens.

Results of UV-C STERILON 72W tests- download Results of UV-C STERILON FLOW 72W tests- download

Lena Lighting napędza Pociąg Marzeń
Vacation time is the time for travelling. However, not all children have the opportunity to get to know new corners of Poland and enjoy holiday attractions. In order to counteract this, Głos Wielkopolski together with the Foundation for Help for Children "Tak po prostu" launched the "Dream Train" transporting children to the land of carefree.

The Dream Train could not have started without the sponsors' support. Lena Lighting was actively involved in this initiative. Thanks to financial support, children from orphanages in Kosewo and Chrzypsko Wielkie will have a chance to go to the seaside or enjoy the charms of an agritourism farm by the lake, and the children from Szamotuły will find many attractions in the form of holiday trips.

Additionally, to support the safety of children, we donated the UV-C Sterilon Flow lamps to the orphanages. These devices use ultraviolet light to disinfect the air in the room, preventing the development and transmission of the COVID-19 virus as well as other viruses, bacteria and fungi.

These lamps will serve the recipients not only during the holidays during the pandemic. They will protect children and caregivers from the spread of other seasonal viral diseases.

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