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Most Poles spend at least 1/3 of the day at work. People working in office rooms – in artificial light, in front of a computer screen – are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of a poorly designed lighting system. Their eyes get tired much faster, their work efficiency and well-being decrease. It is disadvantageous to everybody. That is why it is so important to choose the right lighting, which should be eye-friendly and adapted to the working space, type of work performed and the human circadian cycle.

Well-selected luminaires should be able to ensure visual comfort, visual performance and safety.

Viewing comfort can be enhanced by using a reflector. In office lighting its role is to reduce the glare effect and control the luminous flux by shaping the solid of light distribution. With well-selected reflectors we can take maximum advantage of the luminous flux, while keeping the UGR coefficient compliant with the standard (UGR <19) that ensures optimal working conditions.

The TERRA 2 LED family of luminaires has been designed for places where good quality lighting is indispensable. They are characterised by high luminous flux and a high degree of light uniformity  (SDCM ≤ 3). Ideally suited for places with people performing working professions that require focused vision. The high-efficiency HE reflector ensures optimal use of the luminous flux, effectively eliminating the glare effect.
The family’s functionality correlates very well with its aesthetics of performance. The luminaires will be a perfect match for modern interiors, where they will constitute decorative elements themselves. With the multitude of versions: square and rectangular, flush- and surface-mounted as well as mounted in modular ceilings – they can fit in any office or general utility room.

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