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Taking into consideration the information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the threat posed by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have made a difficult, but in our opinion the right and responsible decision, to resign from participation in this year's Light + Building 2020 trade fair. Care for health of our employees, partners and customers is our highest priority.

We are convinced that the Light + Building 2020 Fair organizer makes every effort to exclude the threat, but even if it is low, we cannot decide to take the risk. It concerns the most important values which are health and safety.

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OCULUS LED is a HIGH-BAY luminaire from the NEXT GEN line constituting a new generation of luminaires dedicated to LED technology.

It is distinguished by very high luminous flux up to 35 850 lm and luminous efficiency up to 176 lm/W.

The luminaire structure and materials used for its construction ensure excellent heat management. With conduction, convection and designed shapes, heat is effectively removed from the luminaire, guaranteeing optimal thermal conditions for the operation of the power supply system.

The very good light and thermal parameters are accompanied by low weight, which facilitates the process of luminaire’s assembly.
The high impact resistance IK09 and very high IP66 tightness, as well as the adaptation of the luminaire to work in high temperatures makes OCULUS LED a perfect solution not only for large-format warehouse halls and logistics centres, but also a solution  that works well in demanding production conditions with high humidity, dust or temperature raising up to 60°C, or even up to 75°C if OCULUS LED ENDURA – a version for special applications – is installed.
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