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The highest quality of roadside lighting Lena Lighting S.A. ENEC-certified.

Lena Lighting has successfully expanded its offer of street and roadside lighting. The family of CORONA LED luminaires is used for the lighting of highways, express and local roads, bicycle paths, alleys, sidewalks, parking lots and yards. Due to their high-quality workmanship and excellent light performance, CORONA LED luminaires are willingly used in places where it is important to provide reliability and high quality of light.

In recent times, the top-notch quality of Lena Lighting roadside luminaires has been confirmed by a certificate. CORONA ROAD LED received the ENEC seal of quality for electrical products. Our use of the ENEC quality mark ensures the highest quality and safety of the product and confirms meeting the requirements of the relevant European standards EN. Therefore, our street and roadside luminaire complies with the following European and Polish standards:

• EN 60598-2-3:2003+A1:2011
• EN 60598-1:2015
• PN-EN 60598-2-3:2006+A1:2012
• PN-EN 60598-1:2015-04

CORONA ROAD LED is characterized by a maximum flux of 22650lm. Recommended for lighting roads and streets with lighting classes M1, M2 and M3 in accordance with the classification in PN-EN 13201. It has a very high degree of protection IP66 and resistance to mechanical shocks IK08.

The product has been optimized for the level and uniformity of luminance, as well as reduced level of glare in such a way as to provide maximum comfort to users while meeting the requirements of normative acts in the most economical manner.

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The heart of the fitting is a highly efficient LED GO! panel equipped with the best available LED diodes’ bins from leading producers, with the lifespan of even 100 000h. Due to it, the fitting’s luminous flux is unusual on the market and it reaches 150 lm/W , and the fitting’s energy class is A++, which ensures energy saving up to 68% and money return from the investment within the first 12 months. TYTAN LED emits highly uniform light (SDCM<=3), which is rare in case of industrial fittings.

The integration of the lighting component with the diffuser minimizes the risk of coincidental damage of the light source during transporting, mounting or servicing  the fittings. The drivers from worldwide famous suppliers ensure longterm and stable conditions of the power  supply for the panels. The fitting’s design ensures the best warmth distribution to the outside and even temperature distribution inside, preserving the optimal conditions for LED sources, which ensures a long-term and failure- free operation.
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Lighting components are placed in an enclosure made of impact resistant polycarbonate (PC), and due to it, the fitting has an impact resistance class IK09. The diffuser, made of dedicated for led solutions polycarbonate from Bayer company, ensures excellent balance between high permeability of 93% and the correct light distribution. Connecting the diffuser and the body by the clips made of stainless steel, as well as silicon gasket ensure ingress protection – IP66.

While creating the fitting, particular attention was paid to its fast assembly. Ergonomically designed interior of the fitting makes the mounting comfortable, and a suspended lighting component allows the electrician to have free hands, which makes the mounting faster. Mounting kit included, which enables both surface and suspended mounting.
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Particularly worth recommending are the versions dedicated for special use. They are TYTAN LED ENDURA fittings intended for working in hard temperature conditions. ENDURA PLUS can be used even at the environment temperature of +55⁰C, ENDURA MINUS, in turn, at the temperature of -35⁰C. A very interesting proposal is TYTAN LED HALL. It is a version of a fitting equipped with a line lens for the most efficient lighting of the halls in high storage warehouses, and it can be installed at the heigth of 12 m.

TYTAN LED is a generation of modern, ergonomical and efficient fittings designed by the engineers, who have good knowledge and many years of experience in creating led systems. It provides excellent quality light ensuring comfort and high efficiency of work. The design solutions and components of the highest quality ensure financial benefits as a result of energy saving and long lifespan.

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The adaptation of the Warsaw Archdiocese ‘s buildings on 1 Dziekana Street for the Archidiocesan Museum purposes started in 2011. In 2015, the Museum’s collections were finally moved there from the former place. The present building is modern with facilities for disabled people. On the three-floor total surface of 1500 m 2, the museum gathers the pieces of religious and secular art.

Today, the collection is composed of more or less 20 000 exhibits including painting, drawings, graphics,the goldsmith’s craft and sculptures, old components of church decorations, canonical dresses and dishes, medals, gorgets, furniture, floor clocks and others. These pieces of art are the gifts from the parish, assemblies, priests and lay people. Majority of them was obtained after the war, however some exhibits from the pre-war collection of the museum were also succesfully regained.

Lena Lighting S.A. was invited to take care of the lighting in the new building of the museum and the company offered professional equipment to lighten exhibition, office and technical rooms. The design took the characteristics of the object and the requirements of the Conservationist in Warsaw into consideration. The design’s aim was to use energy-saving LED technology.

At present, the lighting in our museum is the element emphasizing the virtues of our collections, paying attention to the details, and it is also an inspiration for Diocesan Museums’ directors visiting our institution, who are interested in modernization of their buildings.

Andrzej Zawiślak
Head of Museum Administration
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