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Following Customers and market’s growing requirements, Lena Lighting S.A. extended the offer of office lighting last month. Due to combininig practice with modernity a new coffer fitting INDO PLX LED was created. It has an interesting design and it is highly energy-saving because of using LED GO! panels. The fitting is designed for recessed  mounting in modular ceiling. It is excellent for offices and rooms of general use because it gives comfortable indirect light and it is suitable for work requiring sight focus.
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CODAR RS LED EVO ENDURA is a modern, energy-saving fitting with high ingress protection class IP66 and high impact protection class IK09. New Led Go! modules with innovative configuration of connections allow better heat distribution, which increases LEDs’ lifespan. Innovative distribution of the fitting’s components also ensures even heat distribution, better temperature control and longer lifespan of LED GO! panels.

The fitting is made of especially chosen, highest quality materials. A multilayer diffuser is made of UV resistant polycarbonate. Specification: color temperature 4000K; CRI>80; LED panels lifespan 50 000h (L70B50) for ta=25°C

CODAR RS LED EVO ENDURA is intended for use in particularly difficult conditions. Version ENDURA PLUS is dedicated for rooms with high temperature, even +55 st C, eg. for industrial plants or bakeries. CODAR RS LED EVO ENDURA MINUS, in turn, will do well in rooms with low temperatures, eg. in cold stores.

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We invite you to visit our new website dedicated to the family of one of our main products - CODAR RS LED EVO. The website was created in order to gather all necessary information and curiosities concerning the fittings in one place, so that it would be easier to find the answer for each question connected with the fittings. You will also find the opinions of investors, producers and designers who decided to use CODAR RS LED EVO fittings.

Welcome to the dedicated website of the latest fittings’ generation CODAR RS LED EVO!
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