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LINEA LED is a multipurpose LED fitting dedicated for indoor use. It is particularly recommended to lighten huge commercial buildings, production plants and warehouses. Its biggest value is energy saving thanks to using modern technology and LED GO! panels. The simplicity and fast assembly of the fitting, as well as easy connection to the power source are also important. In addition, a line connector and through-wiring enable fast connection of the fittings into a lighting line. From the whole family of Linea Led fittings, the users can choose an optimal version for themselves.

Available versions with the power of 36W and 72W and with six angles of distribution (90°, 60°, 45°, 20°, asymmetrical and butterfly) – in order to make the fitting come up to the users’ expectations and to make it meet the lighting requirements even more.

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Lena Lighting S.A. has been building its own know-how for 27 years and it is one of the leaders of the lighting market in Poland. They have been designing, constructing and producing the solutions, as far as professional fittings are concerned, basing on Polish capital in 100% and using the latest world solutions in LED technology of lighting control.

Following the customers and the market’s growing expectations, Lena Lighting has spread the offer of street and road lighting within the last month. Due to combining practise with modernity quite a new, revolutionary CORONA LITE LED street fitting has been built with high luminous flux (max. 8250 lm) - and what is worth mentionig – high energy-saving class A++. White light 4000K lub 5700K and a high rate of color rendering index Ra>70 ensure accurate color rendering and the ability to recognize more detail in night vision.

Thanks to the directional lens used in CORONA LITE LED, the light distribution meets the requirements of PN–EN 13201 lighting class. This is the optimal light distribution as far as lighting streets and roads is concerned, which the fitting is particuralry dedicated for. In the conditions typical for the street geometry, during direct post-top mounting, CORONA LITE LED lightens the street and the pavement at the same time, and it does not require using the jib, which significantly decreases the investment costs.
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The material, which the body (polyamide with fibreglass) and the grip (aluminium) are made of, also has an influence on decreasing the investment costs. Due to it, the fitting is light (2,3 kg), which enables post mounting on the posts made of less resistant and cheaper raw materials. Nevertheless, IP66 ingress protection class and IK08 impact-rating features make this fitting extremely tight and shock-resistant (vandal-resistant).

While designig CORONA LITE LED the visual aspects were also taken under consideration. Beauty and ideal harmony between the fittings and their surrounding are the the basic requirements which nowedays lighting must meet. Paying attention to that, the new fitting made by Lena Lighting has compact parameters and an interesting design. If you add to this the attractive price that the fitting is offered at, one can be sure that it will be liked by the investors and it will be often used to lighten streets, local roads, bicycle paths, alleys, pavements, car parks and squares.

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We are pleased to inform that the stand of Lena Lighting  has been appointed to take part in a StandOUT competition for the most interesting  Polish stand presented during one of the most prestigious Fair of lighting, electrical engineering and robotics in the houses and buildings – Light + Building  2016.

The StandOUT competition is organized  by the internet portal exspace.pl. Its purpose is to identify and award the stands which improve the standards of architecture and design in the art of exhibiting. Taking part in the competition is a proof for the exhibitors  that their stand not only is unique but it also presents nowadays trends and unusual visual solutions.

The stands are appraised  by the  users of the portal exspace.pl. in a vote, which is held from 30th March to 14 th April 2016. Each voting person can appraise the stand by giving a note from 1 to 5 (1 is the lowest note and 5 is the highest). We encourage everybody, who our stand made positive visual impression on, to vote and judge our stand by giving us appropriately high note, which can increase our chance to get an award. You can vote  by clicking the link below.  Choose Lena Lighting’s stand from the list and give the appropriate note (above the photo of our stand).

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Thank you all in advance!

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