Power supply 230V LED  Electrical protection class 1  Ingress protection IP20  Impact resistance  IK07  Declaration of conformity CE
Recessed modular fitting with an integrated energy-saving LED GO! panel, made of white powder coated steel. Opal diffuser made of polistyrene ensures even light distribution. The fitting’s central part is a blende, which is a component of a modular ceiling. Due to it the fitting can be perfectly matched with the interior’s design. Specification: colour temperature 4000K; CRI>80, lifespan of the panels 50 000 h (L70B50) t=25°C.

Multipurpose fitting intended for mounting in modular ceilings in offices, representative rooms or rooms of general use. It can be also used as the main light source and it is suitable for work requiring sight focus. The fitting will be perfect as a new application or while replacing the traditional fluorescent fittings with energy-saving LED solutions.
NameRated powerColour temperatureLuminous fluxType of the diffuserMounting versionIndex
ARTO LED 30W 4000K 30W 4000K 2550lm PS OPAL Recessed 019111
ARTO LED 30W 4000K DALI 30W 4000K 2550lm PS OPAL Recessed 020513
ARTO LED 64W 4000K 64W 4000K 5250lm PS OPAL Recessed 020490
ARTO LED 64W 4000K DALI 64W 4000K 5250lm PS OPAL Recessed 020520
ARTO LED 77W 4000K 77W 4000K 5700lm PS OPAL Recessed 019128
ARTO LED 77W 4000K DALI 77W 4000K 5700lm PS OPAL Recessed 020506
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