LED GO! lighting for health care

Energy savings of at least 50%!

Halluxmed Clinic in Komorniki

An example of a successful and satisfying lighting modernization!

The lighting is fantastic. It is the heart of the entire investment! It creates a great ambience, which cannot be ensured by fluorescent luminaires.

Zbigniew Jackowiak, MD owner of the HALLUXMED clinic
CASE STUDY Halluxmed Clinic in Komorniki – SAVINGS UP TO 50%!

What does the investor get?

The progressing technology allows manufacturers to offer higher quality lighting, and the Investor to obtain significant energy savings, all while maintaining standards. This means that managers of health care institutions are increasingly inclined towards modernization.

Lower energy bills by at least 50%

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Return on investment below two years

Benefits for patients and medical staff

The investor is not the only one to benefit from modernization or installation of top-quality lighting. Users get:

Better concentration of medical personnel

An atmosphere conducive to patient recovery

The perfect light to support the work of doctors and lab technicians

No glare effect

Treatment rooms and operating rooms – recommended products

Daily treatment rooms – recommended products

Corridors, reception desks – recommended products

Toilets, utility rooms – recommended products

External lighting – recommended products

Chosen realizations:

Facilities that trusted us:

Instytut Centrum Zdrowia Matki Polki
Szpital MSWiA we Wrocławiu
Szpital Wojewódzki w Przemyślu
Szpital w Gnieźnie
Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny w Olsztynie
Szpital Kudowa Zdrój
Wojewódzki Szpital w Siedlcach
Wojewódzki Szpital w Zamościu
Szpital w Wałczu
Szpital MSWiA w Poznaniu
Oddział psychiatryczny Szpitala w Międzyrzeczu
Szpital Wojewódzki w Gorzowie Wlkp.
Szpitalny Oddział Ratunkowy w Międzychodzie

Szpital i szkoła rodzenia w Środzie Wielkopolskiej
Wojewódzki Szpital w Gdańsku
Wojewódzki Szpital w Poznaniu
Specjalistyczny Szpital w Chorzowie
Szpital w Pucku
Klinika Vivadental w Gdańsku
Salon stomatologiczny w Warszawa
Salon stomatologiczny w Gnieźnie
Klinika w Liberii
Gabinet dermatologiczny Dr Suseł
Gabinet dermatologii estetycznej w Brzeg
Gabinet stomatologiczny w Bielsku – Białej
Centrum Zdrowia w Poniatowej

Standards and regulations – check:

Compliance the lighting procedure PN-EN 12464-1

The light perfectly reflects the color of the skin, tissue and blood. Application: treatment rooms and operating rooms; examination rooms, ophthalmology and laryngology rooms;

That is a very high tightness degree of the luminaire, allowing it to be used in conditions requiring increased hygiene standards.

1000 lux – operating rooms

500/300 lux – treatment rooms

200/100 lux – corridors, reception desks

200 lux – toilets

The use of an electronic control system in the DALI standard will improve lighting in treatment rooms

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Who we are?

For years Lena Lighting S.A. has been a leading producer of professional, investment light fittings. By developing the exports to 70 countries all over the world, Lena Lighting S.A. has achieved the place of an unquestionable leader among Polish exporters of professional investment illumination.

One of the success foundations of Lena Lighting is high quality of  manufactured fittings. Since 2005, the Company has been operating within the ISO 9001:2000 system. Our specialists from the Research and  Development Department are constantly working on increasing of the quality standards. Our fittings meet very high international standards, which results in their reliability, long life cycle and energy-effciency.