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We are introducing the new family of BATTERY luminaires based on replaceable and universal BOSCH batteries.

The MAGNUM BATTERY family of luminaires has been created in response to the demand for modern solutions providing professional lighting to various workplaces. It has been developed by designers with many years of experience in designing work lighting. With its many useful functions and numerous accessories, it can be successfully used wherever you need strong lighting, durable long-life design and a number of enhancements that will make your work easier. One of them, introduced quite recently, is the use of a standardised Bosch battery, which is compatible with other products of this recognised brand. With this solution, the battery can work with the MAGNUM BATTERY luminaire, as well as with Bosch electrotechnical tools such as a drill, sander, etc.

The MAGNUM BATTERY XS is already available today as the most compact floodlight for professional use. It provides uniform and stable directional lighting. It can be used as a workplace luminaire to illuminate workplaces, workshops or garages. The luminaire is equipped with an anti-glare diffuser which, despite the matt surface, transmits up to 80% of the light emitted by the diodes. The smaller size and compact design make it more convenient to transport.

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