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In response to customer demand, Lena Lighting has expanded its offer with further hand-held LED luminaires, i.e. the family of AVIOR luminaires (AVIOR COB LED DS, AVIOR COB LED, AVIOR LED CRI95) as well as CRANE COB LED and DRAGO SMD LED.

The entire family of AVOIR LED lamps is characterised by a long lighting time (4 h) and ergonomic, rubber surface of the luminaire thanks to which the lamp will never slip from your hand. The luminaire has been equipped with a strong magnet in its base, retractable rotary hook in the housing and a handle moving in the range of +/- 180°. All versions feature the flashlight function. Low weight and compact size make these lamps handy and convenient to use. AVIOR COB LED DS is a version with a docking base which makes it possible to charge it conveniently when the lamp is not in use. AVIOR CRI95 deserves a special mention, since it is a version made with car painters in mind – for precise differentiation of colours.

Another new product in Lena Lighting's offer is CRANE COB LED – a lamp with high luminous flux, 450 lm in the basic version and 120 lm in the flashlight function. It has two light modes, 100% and 50%, thanks to which it is possible to save energy in places where strong illumination of surface is not required. CRANE COB LED has a moving and slim arm which allows access to nukes and crannies inaccessible for other luminaires. This luminaires also has a strong magnet in the base, whereas its rubber surface prevents it from slipping from your hand. Robust design and low weight as well as the ability to adjust beam angle in the range of 120° make this lamp extremely ergonomic.

DRAGO SMD LED is yet another very handy and easy-to-use LED luminaire among the new products in Lena Lighting's offer. Thanks to two light options, 100% and 50%, it allows energy-saving when strong luminous flux is not required. It is characterised by extremely small size and low weight, and yet its design is very robust. In the low mode (50% of the maximum luminosity), it will provide light for the period of 8 h. Similarly to other new products, it has a strong magnet integrated in its base, retractable rotary hook in its housing and a handle moving in the range of +/- 180°.
Another interesting proposal is a compact and lightweight PENLIGHT LED E PRO light. Despite battery power supply, it stands out thanks to its strong luminous flux, whereas its lightweight aluminium housing ensures high durability. It will be very helpful in the work of garage managers and people who need an inspection light.

The above offer of Lena Lighting targets professionals as well as DIY people and those who use lighting when devoting time to their own hobby. Through a variety of features, these lamps can be used both at a construction site, in a garage, when repairing machines and in a garage next to you house, mini workshop at home, in a garden, on a boat and at a camping site. They provide strong luminous flux and long working time.

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Light can change the environment, create a friendly ambience and highlight what is worth emphasizing. Intermarche customers in Piekary Śląskie, who remember their shopping experience at the mall before and after the upgrade, can tell the difference. Thanks to the lighting replacement, the store gained a new look and now glows with new light. The previous, worn out lighting has been converted to modern and energy efficient systems.

Modern LINEA LED trunking systems by Lena Lighting have been installed in the supermarket.  Thanks to the manufacturer's six types of light distribution, they are characterized by high energy efficiency and the possibility to choose the best angle of light. The aim of the investment, which was to improve the lighting quality and enhance the individual departments for the comfort of customers and employees, has been achieved and even exceeded.

They were exceeded in that the energy savings achieved, and thus reduced maintenance costs, are extremely important for the building owner. For Lena Lighting S.A. this is yet another investment project where customer satisfaction, as set out below, confirms the high quality of their products and the highest level of service, timeliness and technical support.

"The purpose of lighting replacement in the building was to improve its quality and to better illuminate each department. We asked the Polish manufacturer, Lena Lighting S.A., to recommend solutions. This company not only offered us a specific type of lighting - LINEA LED trunking systems, but also has set up a comprehensive replacement plan, starting with logistics issues through the assembly process itself. We were kept up to date on the progress and estimated completion time. The entire process went smoothly, and the proposed lighting fixtures were so easy and quick to assemble that our retailer did not have to shutdown for customers during modernization.

To our surprise, the end result is better than we had expected. This gives us great satisfaction. After the lighting refit was made, the store became much more friendly and actually showed "new colors". We reached better readability for the client and reduced the dark areas. The change is especially noticeable for those who remember the previous lighting in the store. What was important to us - we could count on Lena Lighting support from the beginning of our partnership. Taking into account the whole process, we can undoubtedly say that our native manufacturer, Lena Lighting, is a partner you can count on and one that is credible in their field. Nowadays it is worth trusting companies that care about their products and services."

Piotr Rogowski - Owner

FUTURE LINE LED universal fitting designed for escape routes on every workplace. Unique shape enables fast installation on site in every, even untypical place. Materials used, such as aluminum and impact resistant plastic, give warranty of operation in extreme conditions. Modern LED system ensures high luminous efficacy with low energy consumption.

The luminaire has been developed in close cooperation with construction and refurbishment companies and constitutes the answer to their needs. FUTURE LINE LED - dedicated product page

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