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PROFI SLIM LINE LED is a brand new and innovative lighting solution designed
for automobile repair shops. Available versions allow installation on all mobile garages and column lifts regardless of type.

PROFI SLIM LINE LEDs are offered with dedicated mounting system (mounting brackets or magnets) and integrated with an easy-to-connect wiring system, connectors and power supply. This makes it easy to create connection configurations tailored to every workshop, and mounting the luminaire system is intuitive and easy. Thanks to the use of magnetic brackets, assembly does not require additional tools (e.g. drills).

Advantages of Profi Slim Line Led :
  • Polish product
  • LED GO! technology
  • High lighting output
  • Slim and reinforced design
  • Impact resistance IK10
  • 5 years of spare parts availability
  • Oil & water resistance IP65

nowosci magnum future
Luminaires of the MAGNUM FUTURE LED family are a modern, complete solution for workplace lighting. They can be used successfully wherever strong lighting, durable structure with long life and numerous improvements to facilitate work are needed.
In response to the needs of professionals and DIYs, Lena Lighting has introduced new members of this family, MAGNUM FUTURE XS and MAGNUM FUTURE XL MAX.

MAGNUM FUTURE XS is a compact handy floodlight that can be placed or mounted on a variety of structures. Although compact, the luminaire reaches a high light output of 2000 lm thanks to the LED GO! system. There is also a portable rechargeable battery version.
The MAGNUM FUTURE XS was made by designers with several years of experience in the design of workplace lighting. It is resistant to even the harshest weather conditions and functions properly even in heavy rain.

MAGNUM FUTURE LED XL MAX. This floodlight has a very high light output of 9500 lm. A modern lighting system, made of high-performance components, allows for the highest lighting parameters. Like the rest of the family, it features very high impact resistance IK10 and IP54/IP44 ingress protection. The MAGNUM FUTURE LED XL MAX is dedicated to illuminating larger surfaces.

aktualność UE

Project title: "We will illuminate the world"
The objective of the project is to establish new business contacts and increase the exports of Lena Lighting S.A. through promotional activities.

The undertaken activities will lead to an increase in the export sales of lighting fixtures based on LED technology in the existing markets, and will allow for the extension of sales in new markets.

Source of project financing:
Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020
Priority axis 3 Support for innovation in enterprises
Measure 3.3 Supporting for promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises
Sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands - Go to Brand

Value of the project: 1 180 175 zł
Value of the co-funding: 594 600 zł
Implementation period: 01.07.2017 - 31.12.2019

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